"Parthenia, a first-rate consort of viols... illuminated Purcell's counterpoint wonderfully... [and] the group's sound combined warmth and precision." - The New York Times
"Their unanimity and grasp of the style are not unlike that of a great string quartet playing Mozart or Beethoven." - Fanfare Magazine
"Ravishingly beautiful sound…. The playing by the Parthenia was uniformly superb." - Boston Musical Intelligencer
"Local early-music stars." - The New Yorker
"[A]t the Medieval Sculpture Hall of the Metropolitan Museum of Art....Parthenia, a consort of viols, performing a sequence of elegiac music by Byrd, Morley, Frescobaldi, Scheidt and others, sounded especially fine ... and brought welcome tonal variety to [the ] music..." - The Strad Magazine
"...Parthenia, a glowing group of viol players that is one of the brightest lights in New York's early-music scene." - The New Yorker
"Parthenia played with equal grace, impressive warmth and marvelous blend.... Throughout the night, Parthenia performed splendidly."- The Kansas City Star
""...welcome under any circumstances - the excellent viol consort Parthenia." - The Philadelphia Inquirer
"There was an appealing musicality in the way Parthenia players addressed the music. Phrases were finely shaped and nuanced, and textures were carefully balanced..." - The New York Times
"The ensemble sense between these players made for flawless musical thought." - Woodstock (NY) Times
"The sound produced by all the viols in Parthenia was exquisite... carried out with deft grace and impeccable taste... [Parthenia] achieved exquisite pools of color and emotion through the medium of the viols." - Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror
"The sound was glorious, watching the performers expressions and rapport a delight...an uplifting experience." - Woodstock (NY) Times
"To say these performers understood the music they played would be a great understatement. They brought it to life with vitality and insight." - Bernardsville News/Observer Tribune
"...these were wonderfully spirited and often virtuoso performances." - The Southampton Press
"Parthenia's exquisite renderings of funereal pieces by [Holborne and Dowland]... were noble and mournful... [T]he ensemble produced floating, gently swelling and receding sounds. The effect was ethereal..." - The Arizona Daily Star
"[Parthenia's European debut in Regensburg, Germany was]... one of the finest concerts of the 1994 Alter Musik Festival." - The Mittelbayerische Zeitung