Within the Labyrinth



Produced by Museovich Productions 2002
Release date December 17, 2002
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Defined by the ethereal quality which is at the soul of the viol consort sound, Within the Labyrinth explores an unusual collection of music that reflects the healing and spiritual aspects of the Labyrinth-walking experience, at times taking unexpected musical turns, from the simple canon of Ravenscroft’s Browning Madame to the mesmerizing variations of Hugh Ashton’s Masque and Bevin’s Browning, and the highly stylized dances of Scheidt and Farina.About Within the Labyrinth

“The four musicians that make up [Parthenia] bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the ensemble, and it is clearly audible in the precision and expression they evoke from material…. It is no wonder, then, that the ensemble has drawn accolades for their work.” – Renaissance Magazine

“The selections here are obviously carefully chosen … contemplative in nature, gently evocative…. Within the Labyrinth achieves a subtly spiritual effect … performing music that soothes the soul without putting the mind to sleep.” – Renaissance Magazine

CD Baby: jasmine stone – “exquisitely wrought”
“The fine musicianship displayed in this sampler makes me never want to hear anyone but these folks play early music. They dance with the stars and my only fear is that they are so good, God might strike them down out of jealousy. They take the vile out of viol. Perfect intonation, light, buoyant touch and exquisitely wrought turns of musical phrasing which never seem far from the composer’s heart.”

CD Baby: j-p – “MAGNIFIQUE!”
“Une musique de reves et d’emotions parfait pour s’echapper de la realitee de tout les jours.”